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When it comes to healthy and organic food, Baagan in San Ramon, California is the perfect restaurant to visit. Manifest is pleased to share life affirming food and we hope to inspire compassion and healthy eating by doing so but we also love that plant based foods are sustainable and kind to the planet.. 


What Make Baagan Different

  • Our restaurant was established by local women who were healed by having a healthy lifestyle. We’re happy to serve healthy vegan dishes and beverages.
  • Our menu is comprised of organic, affordable, and healthy “fast food” meals.
  • Our handmade food is free of artificial colors and flavorings. Thus, most of our products are gluten-free.
  • Our products are also free of dairy, GMOs, soy, peanut, and palm oil, making them ideal for allergic individuals.
  • Our restaurant doesn’t use refined sugar or high-fructose sweeteners.
  • We only use fresh, raw, and organic ingredients from local farmers and companies. These ingredients include nuts, vegetables, fruits, grains and seeds etc.
  • We specialize in creating Ayurvedic and Indian/East Asian spices and tea.

2016 Best Lunch Spot (Placer Herald), 2016 Best Organic Restaurant (Placer Herald), 2015 Voted Number One Best Restaurant (Sacramento News & Review), 2015 Best Vegetarian (KCRA A-List), 2015 Most Vegan Meals Served (Sacramento Vegan Chef Challenge), 2012 Best Overall Healthy Vegan Menu (Sacramento Vegan Chef Challenge), 2012 1000 Vegan Cupcakes for Charity Challenge: Best Cupcake Flavors and Presentation (Sacramento Vegan Challenge)

Enjoy a living food prep class with Yukiko as she guides you through the simple steps it takes to thrive with whole foods and organic ingredients. Wellness in connection with the plants, animals and energy around us everyday.

*No food will be served for this demonstration

  • Manifest is pleased to announce that Baagan Vegan Food Truck will be serving incrediblesustainabledelicious plant based food inspiring healthy eating and kindness to animals as well as our planet.
  • Join Yukiko Artis for a demonstration with living foods and some of the most aesthetically pleasing recipes you've ever seen! Yukiko will show how easy and how beautiful it is to thrive with plants. 
  • Bring Your Own Food & Picnic! Canopies, Coolers, Blankets and Smiles Welcome! No glass bottles please. Leave No Trace.

From our home in the heart of the SOMA in San Francisco, we at Monarch strive to perfect our cocktail craft daily while serving a global clientele.

Our award-winning bartenders bring a sophisticated approach to beverage catering, providing the distinctive taste you desire for your momentous event and discerning guests.

Innovative and individualized menus forged specifically for each event. From the glassware we employ to the seasonal fruit and herbs cultivated by our produce purveyors - the details are paramount.

We use only the highest quality spirits and freshest  ingredients available. Once the cocktail menu is complete, we will enhance the amenities with a choice selection of fine beer and wine.

Baagan Vegan Food Truck

Living Food Artist Yukiko Artis

Click to read "IN CONVERSATION WITH RAW FOODIST YUKIKO ARTIS" Photo: Courtesy of Samadhi Kitchen

We are all vibrant energy
resonating and expressing beauty as own endlessly...
Circulating own energy in one harmony

I call it BREATHING!

-Yukiko Artis


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