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With art by All City Style, Toygami, HighKawaii, HighFlashAdorable + More

KidZONLY Area* 

The perfect spot for coloring, chilling out and listening to the Silent Disco or even dancing!

*This is a PHONE FREE ZONE, no filming, photos, or devices being used in this area please! We love seeing children connect and create in an organic way.

There will be fun displays for art and sharing pics nearby. 


Small and intimate, our booth area is growing as we're a brand new event. If you would like to participate in Manifest, get in touch, spaces are available at no cost to community oriented groups, businesses or artist collectives. Contact <> for more... 

Katie Barretta | Holistic & Herbal Medicine

Learn . Play . Grow . Connect

We love supporting all things creative and philanthropic. Manifest means bringing people together to build community!!

From art and music to gardening and sustainability, our booths and vendors are changing the world for the better by being the change they would like to inspire. From designer toys to food prep demonstrations, we invite you to support local and independent art and businesses.